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Professional Urdu Legal Translators

Legal Translation for Contracts, Witness Statements and other Legal Documents

Our Urdu Legal translators offer an extensive and comprehensive legal translation service, covering many types of legal document translation. Each of our legal translators combine native-level understanding of Urdu with the years' of proven experience required to fully grasp legal terminology and process, often having both work in the legal system and holding a legal qualification. Our Urdu legal translation service is designed to offer you a bespoke language product of the highest quality.

Our Urdu legal translators are experts in translating documents and forms in areas such as: family law, tax law, banking law, property law, intellectual property law, environmental law, and education law. They deal with contracts, patents, business forms, financial documents, employment forms, and property letting forms, partnership agreement forms, wills and probate and other kinds of texts- please see below for more details.

Our Urdu legal services;

  • Legal Document Translation-With years of experience in the reading, drafting and translation of legal documents, our Urdu translators can provide fluent, accurate products to ensure complete understanding between parties. From legal contract translation to patents and employment agreements, to the drawing up of lengthy legal briefs and transcripts, we can provide for all your translation needs.
  • Deposition Translation- We have been providing deposition translators for over twenty years, and thus we can provide unparalleled service in this specialist area. Our legal translators can enable you to read or produce copies of witness statements and depositions, and be safe in the knowledge that no meaning has been lost or distorted.
  • Range of Legal Services- Our large network of linguists enables us to provide a tailored service to our clients in a vast range on specialist legal fields, including Shipping Law, Intellectual Property, Commercial disputes, Immigration, Arbitration, Family law and Insurance.

Furthermore, our large network of Urdu legal translators means that we can offer legal document translation across the world, and can provide language support for both short term, one off arrangements and long term projects.

If you require legal interpreting (services for spoken language) rather than translation (services for written language), please see our Urdu Legal Interpreters page.


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