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Thai Medical and Pharmaceutical Interpreters

Pharmaceutical and Medical Interpreting

Our Thai medical and pharmaceutical interpreting service provides full language support, from medical healthcare to pharmaceutical depositions. Our Thai interpreters combine fluency in Thai and the target language you require with experience in the highly technical procedures and terminology of the industry. It is vital that a medical interpreter is fully equipped to provide interpretations with complete accuracy, as any lack of precision may have dangerous consequences. Each of our Thai medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare interpreters, besides being a highly skilled linguist, has a background or qualification in healthcare and medicine related subjects. Thus, we can offer a bespoke service to accommodate for all of your requirements, at a competitive price.

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Our Thai medical interpreters can provide services for:

  • Face-to-face communication between patients and medical professionals

Our skilled Thai medical interpreters ensure unambiguous communication of symptoms, medications, treatment courses and treatment needs. They will help to put the patient at ease in a hospital or clinic environment, allowing doctors and nursing staff to provide efficient and effective healthcare without language barriers. Our interpreters are available both in urgent, emergency circumstances, and for longer-term support.

  • Court hearings, and other legal and official proceedings concerning medical matters

We can provide interpreters with both a deep background knowledge of medical concepts and terminology, and years of experience of legal interpreting, who fully understand the format, procedures and conventions of legal proceedings. Our medical and legal interpreters are all highly professional, and fully aware of the requirements for confidentiality, accuracy, and high-quality specialist interpreting.

  • Medical Conferences

We can provide simultaneous and consecutive Thai medical conference interpreters, whose highly qualified backgrounds enable them to accurately convey extremely technical, specialist and up-to-the-minute information about medical research and policy.


If you require Medical Translation (a service dealing with written, rather than spoken, language) then please see our Thai Medical Translation page.


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