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Tamil Engineering Translation

Professional Translators for Civil, Chemical, Marine and Nuclear Engineering


Asian Language Global's professional Tamil engineering translators offer a comprehensive engineering translation service. Each of our hand-picked translators combine a native-level understanding of Tamil with expert knowledge of engineering, being fluent both in Tamil and the terminology and processes of the engineering industry. Often holding qualifications in engineering, as well as language services, our Tamil translators also have years' experience working within the industry. As such, our linguists have the qualification need to produce the highly accurate and clear translations demanded by these highly technical fields.

Our engineering translation services cover areas such as civil, marine, chemical and nuclear engineering, and provide superior document translation for each aspect of these technical areas. Furthermore, our extensive network of Tamil engineering translators is worldwide, which allows us to offer these services globally, for both long term and short term projects.


Tamil Engineering Translation services we can provide include:

  • Technical specifications and agreements
  • Engineering drawings and specifications
  • Local Government/Authority official papers
  • Reports by architects and other experts
  • Financial contracts and assessments
  • ISO regulations and other standards
  • Construction timing schedules
  • Manufacturing and production related documents such as: operation manuals, instruction manuals or service manuals
  • Design, production and marketing (particularly localisation)
  • Patent certificates
  • Product catalogues and product marketing reports
  • Risk management and health and safety
  • Company brochures and leaflets
  • Annual reports
  • Drawings and application specification documents for buildings, dams, tunnels, bridges, roads and reservoirs etc.
  • Survey reports
  • Industry related documents such as: Chemical production, electric and nuclear power stations, power generation, mining, Gas and Oil refining, Steel & other metals

If you require engineering interpreting (services for spoken language) rather than translation (services for written language), please see our Tamil Engineering Interpreters page.



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