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TJC Global Serving Since 1985

Our Clients

Our translation and interpreting supports are extensive. The companies and activities listed here are some examples of the Translation, Interpreting technical project supports, Interviews that we have provided since 1981.

Category list:
Government Institutes, Legal, Medical/Pharmaceutical/Health, Science, Other Special Areas, Games and Games Contents, Communications, Fashion, Music, Media, Publishing and Retail industry, Finance, Chemical, Motor/Press, Education, Tuition, Special Education, Research Institutes


Government Institutes / Councils / Public Services


Legal and Police



IT / Technologies / Mobile / Video / Game & Game Contents

Communications and Marketing

  • BT, London, England (Technical translation) 
  • Vodafone HQ, Newbury, England (Business meeting interpreting) 
  • KDDI Europe (interpreting)
  • NTT, (interpreting in London) (Technical interpreting)
  • DoCoMo (interpreting in London) (Technical interpreting)

Fashion / Retail / Music / Media / Advertising / Publishing & Retail industry



Education, Tuition & Special Education

Automotive / Machinery /  Civil Engineering/ Construction / Manufacturing / Shipping  

Consultancy / Management / Recruitment

Architecture and Design

Environment / Agriculture / Energy / Climate Change

NGO / Humanitarian Aid / Charity / Welfare

Leisure and Tourism



Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, North America, Oceania, London, UK
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