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Mandarin Interpreters for Legal, Conference, Medical, Business and Engineering

Asian Language Global's Mandarin Interpreting services provide language support for a number of highly specialized fields. Our Mandarin interpeters combine knowledge of the terminology and procedures of these fields with complete fluency in Mandarin and the target language you require. As such, our highly qualified interpreters work to produce interpretations of superior quality and precision in the Legal, Medical, Business and Engineering fields, as well as providing comprehensive Conference interpreting services.

Some of our expert Mandarin service fields include:

Furthermore, our extensive global network of Mandarin interpreters means that we can offer a truly bespoke service; operating in worldside destinations, specialists in the areas you require, and available for both long term and short term assigments, we can provide a service tailored to your needs at a competitive price.

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Comprehensive services- from English to Mandarin and from Mandarin to English;

Our interpreting service is comprehensive. We can offer services to cover the many aspects of the legal system, such as depositions, arbitrations, tribunals, and standard litigation, as well as business conferences, symposia and international meetings.

In terms of native speakers, Chinese is one of the most widespread languages; around one fifth of the world's population speaks some form of the language. Chinese is not one language; spoken Chinese can be broken into distinct dialects, including Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese and Min- to name the only the widest spoken dialects. Standard Chinese, based on a version of Mandarin, is the official language of the People's Republic. Its written language can be divided into two sets of characters, Simplified(简体) and Traditional Chinese(繁體). Our interpreters are chosen because they combine fluency in the dialect or written form you require with years of experience in the service field that you require. Only by this discerning selection process can we choose the linguist best suited to delivering you a fluent language service.

With over twenty five years' experience, Asian Language Global has built up expertise in a number of specialized fields. A fully qualified ATC member, we are a world leader in language services.


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