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Interprering (Interpretation) explained


This is often used for international conferences, critical business discussions, seminars and court hearings etc.. The spoken source language is translated by interpreters who, in most  cases sit in a sound-proof booth as a pair, usually having a clear view of  the speakers in front of them or by looking at a screen located outside the main room and the pair swap with each other at approximately 20 minute intervals. While listening to speeches or discussions via a microphone, the interpreter  translates them into the target language  to the audience who listens to the translation through their headphones. The interpreters are experienced and are able to interpret without any pauses while a speaker is talking.

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Consecutive Interpreting:


This is used in many circumstances such as for business discussions, negotiations, contract exchanges, commercial discussions, legal, technical or engineering discussions, medical or court hearings or on-site inspection etc.  An interpreter listens to what the aspeaker says, while often making notes, then conveys the meaning into the target language. Some speakers do not use scriptsbut may speak freely. Either the speaker finishes or pauses, then the interpreter translates accurately and at a reasonably fast speed. Experienced interpreters are able to deliver the message phrase by phrase as they are often familiar with the fields they are engaged in and do not have to wait for the whole messages till the end. They sometimes take notes but not always if there are sufficient pauses given by the speaker. The latter method is often used when an important statement is to be made or when critical situations or figures have to be interpreted and recorded.
This type of service is popular among most of our clients.

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Facilitating Interpreting:

The definition is to assist clients in numerous ways. As an example, when clients have conversational English but want to be very precise in certain points, or perhaps when involved in discussions that are lengthy and when the client becomes mentally fatigued, the Interpreter is able to facilitate more effective communication. A direct effect of this assistance results in the client being able to think in their own language and the Facilitator concentrates on the other language. Some clients request the Facilitator to assist on matters relating to non-business activities.

In the case of Japanese clients who speak English with some proficiency, yet still need reassurance, we suggest our Facilitating interpreter interacts on behalf of the attendees to ensure they receive the full facts for later digestion.

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Telephone Interpreting: (if video conferences are required, it will take place at clients premises)



With modern advanced communication technologies, an interpreter is often located remotely from either parties, or sits next to one of the parties, but by joining in the telephone conference simultaneously, s/he acts as a linguistic bridge and conduit. We have found this is effective for people who are very busy and cannot travel to their counterpart’s country, but want to find a method of expediting affairs.


Whispering: (simultaneous)


This is useful for when there is no booth equipment or microphone set and with a few people who do not speak a particular language at a meeting or seminar while most of audience speak that language. The interpreter often sits behind them or sometimes stands next to them and whispers to them simultaneously.

We have been providing a professional interpreting service for 20 years and we continue to maintain the same high quality of service. Although we are based in the UK, we are able to provide you with translators and interpreters throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and all other major countries.

TJC is happy to undertake work in any field, as its chief aim is to make all its clients confident that they can come back and receive the same high-quality services again and again.  We have the ability to adapt to almost any type of project, from medium-term to long-term corporate venture, to first-time contact with a company.


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