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Chinese Legal Interpreting

Professional Legal Interpretation for Arbitration, Tribunals, Mediation and Trial Proceedings

Asian Language Global's highly qualified, professional Chinese legal interpreters all have years of experience in Chinese legal interpretation. Combining their specialist knowledge of legal terminology, years' of practical experience in the processes of law, and native-level fluency in Chinese and the target language you require, our Chinese legal interpreters provide a superior, comprehensive legal interpreting service. Our interpreters often have professional qualifications in interpreting, alongside their professional experience or qualifications in law.

We can provide Chinese interpretation services for arbitration, tribunal, mediation and trial proceedings (both criminal and civil). Furthermore, our large and diverse network of legal interpreters can also provide law-related interpreting outside the courtroom, in police interviews; face-to-face meetings between solicitors, barristers, attorneys and clients; legal conferences and seminars; and all levels and types of hearings and tribunals.


Our Chinese interpreters specialise in:

Criminal Court Cases Depositions Police Interviews
Immigration and Asylum Employment Tribunals Arbitration
Conferences European and International Courts Financial Law
Personal Injury and Compensation Civil Proceedings Environmental Regulations
Shipping Law Commercial Disputes Family Law and Mediation


Our extensive network of Chinese legal interpreters means that we can offer our legal interpreting service worldwide, and we can offer language support for both short term and long term assignments. You can be assured that our Chinese legal language experts will always deliver a comprehensive, bespoke professional service, delivering a language product of the highest quality.

If you require translation (language services dealing with written language) rather than interpreting (which deals with spoken language), then please see our Chinese Legal Translators page.


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