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Document Translators for Legal, Medical, Engineering and Business Fields


Asian Language Global's Assamese Translation Services offer document translation for a wide range of highly specialized fields. Our Assamese translators can ensure that vital Legal, Medical, Engineering and Business documents are translated with clarity and precision into the target language you require. Our extensive network of Assamese translators combine knowledge and years' of experience in their specialized fields with complete fluency in Assamese and the target langauge.With this priceless knowledge, our translators can offer fluent, clear products conscious of technically specific terminology and cultural idioms, so that you can be sure that nothing is lost in translation. 

Some of our expert Assamese service fields:

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Comprehensive services- from English to Assamese and from Assamese to English;

Our document translation service is comprehensive. We can offer products that cover the entire field, and with our expert translators, editors and proof-readers we can guide your project from beginning to end.

With around seventy eight million speakers, Assamese is an important world language. Its users are located largely in North and South Korea, though substantial enclaves also exist in China. Dialects such as Gyeongsang or P'yŏngyang exist within wider Korean, and thus must be accomodated for by any linguist hoping to overcome a Assamese language barrier. Like Japanese, although to a lesser extent in everyday language, Assamese has a honorific, polite structure that must be paid attention if a linguist is to deliver a fully accurate interpretation. Our interpreters are chosen because they combine fluency in the register you require with years of experience in the service field that you need. Only by this discerning selection process can we choose the linguist best suited to delivering you a fluent language service.

With over twenty five years' experience, and a fully qualified ATC member, Asian Language Global is a world leader in language services.


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