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Professional Asian Language Interpretation & Translation Services

At Asian Language Global, we are passionate about providing high quality translation and interpreting/Interpretation services for a wide range of Asian Languages. With over twenty five years' experience, we are a leader in providing translators and interpreters for a range of highly specialized fields, and offer a world-wide service.

Our services are dedicated to Asian languages, including Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese), Korean, Japanese, Burmese, Khmer, Hindi, Indonesian, Kashimiri, Lao, Malay, Malayalam, Mongolian, Nepali, Pashto, Punjabi, Singhalese, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese.

We provide technical translation, proof-reading, transcription, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (interpretation) with an extensive global network of highly qualified professional who are native speakers.

Why choose Asian Language Global for your translation services? 

  • Speedy translations via email – business, legal, or technical documents
  • High-quality Translation – engineering, technical, scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, commercial and more.
  • Transcription and Translation of tapes or DVD
  • Proof-reading & Copy-editing.
  • Initial draft outline translations

Our professional tailored interpreting services... 

There are various types of interpreters, such as simultaneous, consecutive, whispering and facilitating. When you require an interpreter for your specfic evening/conference/seminar/meeting/negotiation/court trial etc, TJC provides an interpreter who is (are) proficient in the type of interpreting/interpretation which you require, for example:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting: requires the interpreter to listen to the original speaker and communicate in the target language. It is commonly used for conferences with a large number of participants, and where several different languages are spoken.
  • Consecutive Interpreting: more suitable for smaller-scale conferences. The speaker delivers the speech or message in the source language to the interpreter, who then delivers the speech in its entirety.

Our interpreters are able to adapt to a range of settings, from meeting rooms to telephone interviews to business seminars and international corporate meetings. Our interpreters study the conference topics in advance to ensure that they are familiar with the vocabulary and terminology required for that specialized meeting.If you would like to discuss your needs with a member of our staff please contact us.

Require language services in non-Asian languages? Please click here for our other language services

Which type of Asian language services do you require? 

This involves transposing a text or document in one language into another language. We offer a comprehensive Japanese translation service. We manage the whole process from beginning to end and cover the translation, proofreading and editing of the text in the desired format as well as any additional formatting work that is required.

This involves the accurate interpretation one spoken language into another (and back again if required). The nature of interpreting means that interpreters must be very quick, with excellent concentration and the ability to work well under high pressure. We cover simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreting services.    

Asian Language Global's medical translation services provide specialized products for the pharmaceutical and medical industries that are tailored to suit the needs of a large variety of clients.
Conference interpreters (international and national)

Asian Language Global's conference interpreters can provide language support for medical, legal, academic, scientific and business conferences, in a wide range of Asian languages. 

Asian Language Global's legal translators have years of experience in legal document translation. They combine specialist knowledge of legal terminology and proceedures with a fluency in the languages you require to produce accurate and professional legal translations.

Court interpreters (deposition, litigation, arbitration, international disputes and many more)

Our Asian Language court interpreters have experience in a variety of legal issues, such as deposition, tribunals, trials, preliminary hearings and witness testimony. 

Financial Translation

Our financial translation service can assist you in engaging the huge Asian market. Asian Language Global's network of professional finance translators have experience working with all kinds of finance-related texts, 

Technical interpreters (discussions and onsite interpreting)

We offer a full range of interpretation services for highly technical industries, including the automotive, chemical and applied science fields, in a number of Asian languages. 

Our Asian Language technical translation service provides support for many highly specialized industries, including the automotive, construction and manufactoring fields.

Our Asian language engineering interpreters offer professional language services for a wide range of engineering fields including nuclear, biomedical, civil, aerospace and industrial engineering.

Asian Language Global can offer business document translation to accomodate your needs. Each of our linguists has years of experience in international business in companies of varying sizes, and dealing with the communications that are vital to smooth running trade. 

Our environmental interpreters offer services that cover a range of global issues. As the debate about climate change continues, and countries seek alternative energy sources in an effort to secure a green future, international cooperation is vital.

Our engineering translators can provide translation services for many areas of the engineering field, including marine, aerospace, chemical, nuclear and civil engineering .

Our professional financial experts can provide services in a range of Asian languages to assist you in all your requirements. 

Our experience means that we can offer environmental document translation relating to the research and development of these technologies, as well as manuals, instructions and feasibility reports regarding the safe implementation of renewable energy.

Legal Interpreters

Asian Language Global's highly qualified, professional legal interpreters all have years of experience in legal interpretation. They have specialist knowledge of legal terminology and vocabulary to provide accurate and professional legal interpreting.

Government and Public Sector Translation

Our Government and Public sector translation services offer comprehensive document translation in a wide range of Asian langauges. We can provide document translation for governmental regulations, press releases, criminal proceedings and reports.

Deposition Interpreters

Our Asian language deposition interpreting service delivers experienced and professional linguists for depositions all over the world. All of our specialists in deposition interpretation are familiar with the format, conventions, procedures and requirements of deposition interpreting. 

Multimedia Translation

At Asian Language Global, we can provide professional translation services to cover many aspects of the multimedia production and localization. Our extensive network of multimedia translators combine native-level fluency in the languages you require with experience in the industry. 

Government, Public Sectors related interpreters

We offer interpreters with professional experience in these areas, whether providing services for official state visits, trade fairs, good will missions or  NGOs, charitable ventures and local development projects. 

Product R&D Translation

Our product R&D translators offer a full range of product marketing and development translation in a full range of Asian languages, and with this service you can engage the Asian market with accuracy and cost-saving precision.

Medical and Healthcare interpreters

Our Asian language medical and pharmacuetical interpreting service provides full language support, from medical healthcare to pharmacuetical depositions.

Our product R&D translators offer a full range of product marketing and development translation in a full range of Asian languages, and with this service you can engage the Asian market with accuracy and cost-saving precision.

Our Asian language interpreters not only have a native-level understanding of the target language, but also years of interpretation experience of industry-specific terminology and knowledge of the protocols of the energy sector.

Patent Translation

Our patent translators have many years’ experience in patent translation in various fields and are familiar with the technical jargon used in technical patent documents.

Applied Science interpreters

From the latest in scientific research to the practical implementation of new technology, practices and process through manuals and studies, our interpreting service can cover all aspects of the international world of applied sciences.

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